Variety Collection – 1,535 Digital Backdrops!

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A collection of 1,535 digital backgrounds. This collection has been created over the last several years to use in our own studio. There are a large variety on scenic images, including Autumn and Winter. There are also quite a few computer generated graphics including muslin style, paint strokes, textures, abstracts, and 3D rendered scenes.

All 1,535 images are shown in the thumbnails below.

The resolution of the files ranges from 2400x3000 to 3872 x 2592.

You may Use these commercially in your studio under the following license terms.

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Digital backgrounds sample image

Digital Background Composition Examples

green screen image of a girl

chroma key composition image of a girl in Las vegas

green screen image of a girl in swimsuit

chroma key composition image of a girl in swimsuit at the beach

green screen image of a cowgirl

chroma key composition of cowgirl in a ghost town

green screen image of a woman

chroma key composition of a woman in an autumn nature background

woman in bikini with a beach background

woman in an autumn background

girl on a path with moonlight 3D backdrop

composition of woman on beach with a digital backdrop

girl with a muslin digital background

woman with a muslin digital backdrop

woman with a digitally created streaks backdrop

Tropical and Beach

Tropical Images - 3D Rendered

Romantic Moonlight Images - 3D Rendered

Dramatic Skies - 3D Rendered

Sci Fi Backgrounds

Scenic Outdoor Photographs


Winter Scenes

Ghost Towns

Las Vegas

Walls - Brick and Stone


Muslin Textures - Created in Photoshop

Plaster Textures

Rusty Surface Textures

Stone Surface Textures